Client Testimonials

Forever grateful

You changed my business life & thus my personal life with several things & for one specific thing. Forever grateful.

Dr. Albert Snow, Naturopath,


Such good understanding

I want to thank my friend Stella Mikraki for creating my site, my Facebook business page, content editing etc., who, although is not a fellow psychologist, has such a good understanding of my work. I want to also thank her generally for putting up with me and my whims.

Areti Drakaki, Psychologist / Psychotherapist,


My new personal guru

…my new personal guru on online marketing, digital PR, social media promotion, Stella Mikraki. Starting from the first two hours of this private seminar, I have already found the answers to so many questions! … Unconditional recommendation!

Andriana Sakka, Journalist / Author


Smart and creative

Stella is a conscientious and diligent person with a smart and creative mind. She is willing to learn new things and she is open to innovative ideas.

Aristotelis Lekatsas, Consultant


Excellent knowledge

Working with Stella is always a productive experience. We worked together on our business plan to seek startup funding for us. Stella, completed the project on time and within a reasonable budget. She had an excellent knowledge of our target group. Almost everyone between the investors acknowledged the excellent work she did. Since then we always take her advice for business strategy issues.

George Dimakopoulos, CTO at SophiMail,


Invaluable support

Stella has offered our company invaluable support about combining social media with conventional marketing strategies.

Alexandros Falkonakis, Sales Manager / Orthopaedic & Orthotic Technologies Specialist / Physiotherapist,