article marketing services - article writing - article submissionWhat is article marketing?

Article marketing is

  • writing articles that convey an important message for your business,
  • optimizing them for readability and SEO,
  • uploading them to your website or/and other websites

with the goal of driving traffic to your website.

With article marketing there are basically three kinds of articles that can be written to drive traffic:

  • Articles for blog or web site posts
  • Articles as press releases
  • And articles sent to article submission sites

Main benefits of article marketing

There are two main benefits that you can get from doing article marketing.

  1. Articles with original and valuable content will help you get more readers who will actually click the links that you include in that article, and actually visit your site. They can visit your homepage or you can choose to direct traffic to a specific landing page related to your “call to action”.
  2. The links in the published articles are backlinks to your website. Backlinks increase the value of your site in the eyes of the search engines, like Google. That is why quality article marketing is a fundamental part of an effective link-building strategy and SEO.

Internet article marketing is used to promote the author’s expertise and attract consumers to the company’s site where they can buy their products.

The primary goal behind article marketing is to get search engine traffic to the article, so that the author can strengthen their authority and influence within their field, while also leveraging that traffic for their own site(s). The key to article marketing is that the author should be providing value with their articles, not just promoting their site, products or services.

Article submission

The articles are either created by and internet marketer (or copywriter) or a business executive (or owner).

Aricle directories

These articles can be published on the website and/or article directories. Article directories with a high web page rank receive a lot of hits. They are also considered authority sites by search engines, meaning they are respectable sources of information.

These directories’ page rank and high authority is partially tranfered to your site through tha backlinks. This means that submission of articles to the article directories helps your business get the benefits of article marketing that we stated in the previous section, and ultimately rank your site higher on Google and get more free organic traffic.

Submission to article directories can also be used as part of a more complex and effective backlinking strategy; In that case, links ir articles are use to rank Web 2.0 properties higher, which in turn pass the link juice (or PageRank) to your main business website.

Web 2.0 article submission and content creationArticle submission to Web 2.0 properties

Having your online marketing company produce low quality articles is of little value to anybody (other than the marketing company that gets paid to write the articles).

Effective article marketing Is not only about submitting to article directories.

Submitting articles to article submission sites, especially low quality articles written primarily for search results, does little for you. Most article submission sites do not pass much, if any link juice to the sites the articles link to.

That is why professional internet marketers have their own networks of high quality sites, blogs and social media pages that have high quality content, high domain athority and pass valuable link juice to the client’s website.

Article marketing must use unique articles

Business Owners, Marketers and Entrepreneurs attempt to maximize the results of an article marketing campaign by submitting their articles to several article directories, PR distribution sites and other web resources.

Publishing the same content on different sites can be spotted by Google, that then may penalize your site for duplicate content. Why do search engines prefer original and unique articles? They filter duplicate content to stop the same material from being returned multiple times in a search engine results page. So their goal is to serve unique and quality content to the reader.

So, the best article marketing services that cannot harm your website’s rank are services that include article rewriting, in order to create a variety of quality content. Several versions of the article must be created and submitted to a number of article directories.

Article spinning

Small business owners looking to increase traffic to their website need to be very careful when looking to buy article marketing and backlinking services. Some marketers attempt to manipulate search engine rankings by creating a number of automatically generated variations of the article. This method is known as article spinning.

Article spinning produces content re-written by a piece of software, which most of the time will lead to low-quality, low-readability articles. Poor English and sentences that make no sense can be the result of article spinning.

Consider article marketing if you want to rank your site!

Online article promotion can effectively improve organic search results in a number of ways:

  • Improve visibility for your target keywords
  • Increase traffic for additional (long tail) keyword searches
  • help your business build awareness and positive reputation
  • Increase free traffic from other quality websites
  • Help attract more visitors and clients to your site
  • Help your website be more unique and useful for your potential customers.

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  • more quality backlinks,
  • links to your site or blog,
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  • find more customers online

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